Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Essie "Yogaga" Collection Swatches!

Hello! I hope everyone's week is going well :). I am leaving for Disneyland tomorrow with my parents and boyfriend, so I will be gone for the remainder or the week and the duration of the weekend!

Today I wanted to share four polishes I have from Essie's new collection, "Yogaga". I only have four of the six polishes because I ordered them from a seller on ebay in one lot (I only saw these same four polishes at my local Walgreens).

I used two coats for each photo below. The formula of these polishes was ah-mazing. I have no complaints at all with how each applied. Essie always does a good job with their creme-finishes polishes, but lately they've been doing an exceptionally good job!

Essie Yogaga
First is the collection's namesake, Yogaga, a greige nude shade. This color kind of reminds me of a mushroom in a sense. I like the color, but I don't think it served its purpose as the main focus of the collection. This is probably my least favorite of the bunch, but it is a unique nude that is work-appropriate. 

essie marathin
Essie Marathin
Marathin is a dusty rose shade. I think this color is nice for fall, but is a little overdone and "safe". Though I do like the color, I feel like I've seen it a few times before. I also think this, too, could be work-appropriate since it is a subdued pink. Also, I'm not too wild about the name. I'm not sure exactly what message Essie is trying to send to women/girls who use their polishes.

essie pilates hottie
Essie Pilates Hottie
Pilates Hottie is a dusty lilac color. Oh, how I adore this color! I am a sucker for anything lilac/lavender. I think this color could be flattering on many skintones. It naturally is my favorite from the collection, but I am very biased towards purples :P. The name is also very cute, which doesn't hurt!

essie boxer shorts
Essie Boxer Shorts
Boxer Shorts, my runner-up favorite from the collection, is a periwinkle that leans very blue. In person, this polish has more of a purple tinge to it. I like this color a lot. I could see myself wearing it as a transition color from Summer to Autumn. 

Overall, I like "Yogaga", though I did feel that the colors displayed in the collection did not correlate with the collection's theme. Essie chose some beautiful shades and I like them, regardless of my previous comment. I would like to see the other two shades in person, even though I don't think I will be purchasing either (they didn't look as appealing to me online). 

I hope you guys enjoyed these swatches and I hope the rest of your week goes smoothly :)


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